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Blue Lawn Care Landscaping


Blue Lawn Care offers a comprehensive Landscape Design & Installation Service including both softscape and hardscape projects for the Kansas City Metro area.

We can help with all elements of landscaping: from planting new bushes, hedges, trees, and seasonal flowers to the creation of new patio spaces and the building of retaining walls, terraces, and other larger and more ambitious design concepts.  We can also address some of your existing landscape problems such as drainage and irrigation issues.  

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the ideas you have for your own landscape design and develop a plan that realizes that vision for you, working within the budget and timeframe you prefer.    


Mulching is an effective way to make your beds and overall landscaping look fresh and well maintained.

We recommend a complete bed clean-out from late February to April along with the addition of new mulch to your existing beds to freshen up their appearance as the need arises throughout the year.  Bed cleanups can include adding new edging or the servicing and maintenance of existing edgework.  

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is a necessary part of the overall health of your lawn and landscape.  Fallen leaves can harm an otherwise healthy lawn if they are not removed in a timely way.  We are blessed to have such a great variety of beautiful deciduous trees here in the Kansas City Metro area and the seasonal challenge we face every year is the clean-up and removal of the tremendous volume of leaves that comes every Fall.  BLC provides a full clean-up of all the leaves that wind up on your lawn, beds, landscape, patios, decks, on your roofs and in your gutters.  Let us help you get rid of them!

An important and often overlooked piece of lawncare is the early Spring clean-up.  In preparation for mulching, planting, and regular mowing services, it is important to remove any leftover leaves and debris from your lawn, beds, and overall landscape.