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Lawn Care


Your Kansas City Lawn Care Professionals

At Blue Lawn Care, we are committed to providing excellent lawn care services in the Kansas City Metro area. We make it our business to give our utmost attention to your lawn and landscape so that it will look great throughout the year. 

BLC offers a variety of services for you to choose from to suit your specific lawn needs including lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration, grass seeding, tree & shrub treatments, and weekly or biweekly lawn mowing during the seven-month growing season.  Approaching ten years of  reliable lawn care experience, we’re proud to be a lawn care company with a reputation for the best results and customer service.

Lawn Mowing

Keep your grass fresh and healthy with our weekly lawn mowing service. This inclusive service includes mowing, trimming, and edging, as well as cleaning sidewalks and driveways. 


Aeration controls and prevents water run-off, dry patches, and certain diseases. It also stimulates root growth by allowing water, nutrients and oxygen to reach the grass roots, making for a healthier, fuller lawn.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Keep your lawn and landscape looking vibrant and healthy with our complete weed control and prevention services.

Lawn seeding

Overseeding is a vital step in keeping your lawn looking thick and lush year after year. We recommend both a Spring and Fall seeding depending on your lawn’s needs.

We offer a variety of seed options to address any specific challenges you may be having with good grass growth, whether it’s caused by too much or too little sun/shade, moisture/dryness, or tree cover.  North-facing exposures present their own challenges or there may be other factors that affect the development of a healthy lawn year in and year out.  Let us help you get and enjoy good, sustainable lawn growth for your whole yard.